• Name


  • Hometown

    Pierce, NE

  • Serving Since

    November 2011

  • Certification


  • Hobbies

    When not working I love being with family and friends, watching movies and working out.

  • Why I'm in EMS

    I went to college, obtaining my masters degree in exercise science.  I was not finding a job in this field that I enjoyed.  I began looking for a job that would interest me and incorporate what I already have learned in my studies.  I decided to look into a job in the EMS field.  Took the basic class and loved it so decided to become a Paramedic.  The joy one gets from saving a life or bring a new life into this world is so exciting and rewarding.  Dealing with the sickness and death is hard sometimes but with time it gets easier.  Overall the thanks we get from helping patients makes what we do worth it.