Siouxland Paramedics Will Continue in Medical Transport

Siouxland Paramedics Will Continue in Medical Transport

With over thirty-five years of experience, Siouxland Paramedics, Inc. will continue to provide ambulance transportation for patients with medical needs who need transportation from hospital to hospital or other care facilities.   This medical transportation service will continue after December 31, 2017 when 911 response is terminated.

Siouxland Paramedics, Inc. will remain at 1110 Dace Avenue in Sioux City and the phone number for non-emergency transport service is 712-258-1313.

Siouxland Paramedics, Inc. will retain a staff of highly trained Paramedics and EMTs and three well equipped ambulances with the ability to provide basic and advanced medical care as needed during transport.

“We will provide timely and quality service to all local healthcare facilities,” says Bob Welte, Director of Siouxland Paramedics, ‘we have experienced staff to provide the highest level of medical transportation and the capability to transport patients to facilities in other cities in the region as well.”

Siouxland Paramedics, Inc. have been active members of the Siouxland community and will continue to serve as preceptors and instructors for EMS program, continuing education classes. They also offer community education on safety issues, first-aid and CPR.

They will continue to maintain and support the Tactical Medical Response Team. Siouxland Paramedics Tactical Response Team is available to Law Enforcement Agencies throughout Siouxland.

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